Automatic continuous electromagnetic induction sealer aluminum foil cap sealing machine for food chemical medicine bottles

Automatic continuous electromagnetic induction sealer aluminum foil cap sealing machine for food chemical medicine bottlesModel:GR-S1800Driven type:ElectricProduct material: stainless steel bodySealin

  • Product Name: Automatic continuous electromagnetic induction sealer
  • Model: GR-S1800
  • Machine Type: Sealing Machinery
  • Packaging Type: Bottles container
  • Dimension: 900*450*500cm

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Automatic continuous electromagnetic induction sealer aluminum foil cap sealing machine for food chemical medicine bottles


Driven type:Electric

Product material: stainless steel body

Sealing bottle diameter: 15-60mm

Bottle height:20-280mm

Motor power: 220v/50Hz  1800w

Sealing speed: 20-50 pieces/minute

Conveying speed: 0-12.5m/minute

Bottle height: 20-280mm

Product size: 900*450*500cm


Automatic aluminum foil sealing machine is an automatic fast aluminum foil sealing machine in the electromagnetic induction aluminum foil sealing machine series. The power of the switching power supply can be manually adjusted, and the digital display temperature meter, AC speed regulating motor performance and stable delivery are configured. With infinitely variable speed system, with intelligent sensor switch, intelligent delivery of products, automatic detection and diagnosis, full air cooling, four sections are suitable.




Machine detail parts:






This machine is mainly used for sealing of non-metallic bottle mouths with threaded parallel cover small diameter plastic and glass. It is not suitable for metal unthreaded caps, high-profile bottles with gaps, and sealing operations with bottle diameters greater than 15 and less than 80 mm. Suitable for users with large volume and continuous sealing operations. It is suitable for sealing equipment in medicine, pesticide, food, cosmetics, lubricating oil and other industries. Suitable for medical bottles, health bottles, plastic bottles, aluminum foil, aluminum foil film, etc. The material of the sealing container can be PE/PET/PS/ABS and glass, etc. It cannot be used for metal bottles and caps.


Machine features:

1. The material of the bottle may be PE, PP, PET, PS, ABS, glass, etc. Cannot be used for the sealing of metal bottles.

2. Food grade 304 stainless steel body, corrosion resistant, anti-oxidation.

3. Stable and efficient sealing, self-contained gear motor for long-term operation.

4. When short circuit or voltage overload, the fuse is automatically disconnected, thus protecting the operators and device lines, reducing maintenance costs.

5. The host delivers the super-audio current to the sensor head, and the aluminum foil is electromagnetically induced to generate a super-audio current, which instantaneously reaches a high temperature, and the composite film is bonded to the bottle mouth.

6. Two sets of industrial fans. Fast heat dissipation. Sustainable work for more than 10 hours per day.

7. Suitable for plastic bottles, glass bottles, composite hoses, etc. Used in pharmacy, food, oil, daily chemical, agrochemical and other industries


Machine pictures:



Foil cap samples:


Wooden case packaing and delivery:


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