Concentrated fruit juice double heads bag in box filling machine dual nozzles semi automatic milk water food liquid filler capper equipment 10kg-25kg BIB filler

Concentrated fruit juice double heads bag in box filling machineModel:GR-BIB02-XA/BNumber of headsFilling range:10-25kg / 10-25kgProduction capacity:70-100 bags / hour   / 150-200 bags / hFi

  • Product Name: Concentrated fruit juice double heads bag in box filling machine
  • Model: GR-BIB02-XA/B
  • Machine Type: Filling Machinery
  • Packaging Type: Bags
  • Dimension: 1300mm*1300mm*1800mm

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Concentrated fruit juice double heads bag in box filling machine


Number of heads

Filling range:10-25kg / 10-25kg

Production capacity:70-100 bags / hour   / 150-200 bags / h

Filling accuracy ≤±0.2% (10L or more) 

Power supply AC110V/220V 50HZ/60HZ

Power 0.15KW  /  0.2KW

Working pressure 0.6-0.7Mpa 

Liquid material inlet pressure 0.3-0.35Mpa

Air consumption 0.8Mpa 0.2m3/min

Concentrated fruit juice double heads bag in box filling machine is designed for the 5L-30L box-in-box filling machine. It adopts the weighing measurement method, the filling precision is very high, and it is very convenient to set and adjust the filling amount; the machine is equipped with a fixed pocket opening card and opening cover, gland mechanism and gland on the filling position. The mechanism for switching the filling mechanism to each other, so that the soft bag can be pressed on the same card position after the filling is completed, thereby overcoming the oil caused by moving the soft bag before the gland is filled ( The problem of liquid spillage. This machine is available in single-head and double-head models. It is widely used for automatic filling and glanding of soft bags in various liquids (eg edible oil, wine, soy sauce, milk, drinking water, concentrated juice, etc.). It is especially suitable for filling glands in oil 20KG soft bags. The filling speed of the machine can reach 200 bags/hour.




Performance characteristics:

1. The outer casing and the frame are mainly made of stainless steel, and the pipe in contact with the material is made of 304# stainless steel and food grade plastic pipe;

2, can automatically remove the skin, after the manual bag is activated, the whole process of filling, vacuuming, quantitative filling and glanding can be completed automatically;

3, using the weighing method, the filling accuracy is extremely high;

4. The required filling weight can be arbitrarily set within the design range, and the setting and adjustment are intuitive and quick;

5. It has fast and slow double-speed filling to prevent overflow and ensure filling accuracy;

6. The machine can vacuum the bag before filling, reasonably extend the product shelf life, and can also install the filling nitrogen system according to customer requirements (customized builded)



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