Duble heads BIB liquid filling machine automatic bag in box juice wine syrup mayonaise ketchup dual nozzles filler equipment for 5L-30L bags

Double heads BIB liquid filling machine automatic bag in box juice wine syrup mayonaise ketchup dual nozzles filler equipment for 5L-30L bags Model:GR-BIB02AFilling quantity range2L—25LFilling pr

  • Product Name: Double heads BIB liquid filling machine 5L 30L bag in box filler
  • Model: GR-BIB02A
  • Machine Type: Filling Machinery
  • Packaging Type: BIB bag in box
  • Dimension: 2500*1500*1600mm

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Double heads BIB liquid filling machine automatic bag in box juice wine syrup mayonaise ketchup dual nozzles filler equipment for 5L-30L bags 


Filling quantity range2L—25L

Filling precision:±0.5%

Filling speed:180---200 bags/hour (when filling 5L bags)

Material entrance pressure:0.3-0.35 Mpa

Power: 0.38KW

Supply voltage:AC220V/110V  50Hz/60Hz

Air consumption:0.2 m3/min

Air pressure:0.4—0.6Mpa



Double heads bag-in-box filling machine is specially designed for bag-in-box filling,adopting flow meter measuring with high filling precision. And easy to adjust filliing volumes. It is widely used in the filling of wine/eidble oil/juice/syrup/ketchup/mayonaise etc.

The bag-in-box filling machine is a contrivance our company has specifically designed for handling quantitative bag-in-box filling operations by drawing on advanced French technology. It employs a flow meter to control the quantity of material released in each discharge, and features high filling precision, intuitive and easy moves to set up and adjust the filling quantity. The machine enjoys a novel design as well as a reasonable, compact construction; can complete some process steps automatically, including uncapping, quantitative filling, vacuum pumping, capping, and others; and can be widely used in bag-in-box filling applications for such liquid materials as wine, edible oil, fruit juice, additives, milk, syrup, alcoholic beverages and concentrated seasonings.


Main features of BIB filling machines

1.It,s a PLC control system smart machine, the whole machine is made of SUS304 stainless steel.

2.It,s s competitive machine with multiple functions as pulling out the tap, vacuum pumping, quantitative filling, pressing the tap in place. It,s easy to operate.

3.Filling volume can be adjusted from 1L-25L, different dosing types available of flow meter dosing,weighing dosing,piston dosing depends on different products. And it features with high filling precision and speed.

4.Filling volumes can be adjusted easily in the touch screen. We use quick and fast joints for building the machines which is easy for dismentling the machines and maintenance,and convenient for cleaning.

5.All the components we use are from world famous brands like Siemens, Schneider, Airtac, Ormon etc.

6.The machine can fullfill vacuum filling to extend the shelf life of the product.


Machine Parts

Name: PLC

Brand: Omron/SIEMENS 

Original: Japan/Germany 

Using imported brand Omron or Siemens PLC, guarantee the machine quality, long service life.

Name: Pneumatic Element 

Brand: AirTAC 

Original: Taiwan 

AirTAC pneumatic device has simple structure, light, easy installation and maintenance

Name: Touch Screen

Brand: SIMENS/Tong Tai

Original:  Germany

Touch Screen Control system, simple operation, all functions by photo.

Machine's working process:


Manually putting the bag in place; Automatically pulling out the tap; Automatic vacuum pumping; Automatic metering and filling ; Automatically pressing the tap in place

This bag in box filling machine with weight measurement mode, high filling accuracy and easy to set up and adjust filling volume; with ingenious design. Installed a card for fixing the pocket & capping mechanism at the filling position, and the capping & filling mutual switch mechanism etc. so that this machine can cap at the same card position after filling is finished no need to move the plastic lid, therefore, overcome the capping troublesome problem due to the bag too soft (before capping and after filling) to move. This machine is especially suitable for beverage, oil, wine, spices and other materials bag in box filling and capping.

What caps can be used for the BIB filling machine:


Sample pictures:



Our Services

1.Manuals and videos of machine installation, setting, adjusting, maintenance are availble for you.

2.If any problems happen and you can not find out solutions,24 hours telephone and online face to face communication available.

3.Core tamp engineers and technicians are available sent to your countries for services.

4.Two years guaranty,during the warranty year if any parts of the machine broken not by man-made,we will replace the new parts for your freely.Machine warranty begins after shippment.

5.We have a independent team for after-sales service,24 hours after sales service available, any emergency pls call our salesman and after sales manager.

Packaging & Shipping

Packaging: We use good quality wooden case for packaging the machines which is meet for export required

Shipping: By air, by sea upon balance received. Shipping fee cost depends on different destinations. We will help you to ship the machines. CIF, FOB, EXW are available.


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