Horizontal hopper tank single nozzle filler tabletop semi automatic shampoo oil milk filling machine liquid filler

Horizontal hopper tank single nozzle fillerMachine model:GR-HF1000Material:stainless steelVoltage:220V 50Hz / 110V 60HzPower:10WFilling nozzle diameter:8mm(4mm / 6mm / 10mm / 12mm / 14mm can be custom

  • Product Name: Horizontal hopper tank single nozzle liquid mixing filler
  • Model: GR-HF1000
  • Machine Type: Filling Machinery
  • Packaging Type: Bottles container
  • Dimension: 1160*360*960mm

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Horizontal hopper tank single nozzle filler

Machine model:GR-HF1000

Material:stainless steel

Voltage:220V 50Hz / 110V 60Hz


Filling nozzle diameter:8mm(4mm / 6mm / 10mm / 12mm / 14mm can be customized)

Filling range:100-1000ml

Filling speed:about 10-40 bottles/min

Filling error±1%

Package size:1160*360*960mm


The machine liquid&cream filling single head (Machine model:GR-HF1000) is suitable for filling food trades(such as: pearl milk tea,nata de coco ,thick broad-bean sauce, chili sauce, peanut sauce etc);cosmetics(shampoo frost  shower gel);daily health product(toothpaste)

This machine adopts pneumatic working principle, simple operation, high filling precision, is a certain concentration or certain size granular materials ideal filling  equipment.

Filling bottling line,Capper,Sealer,Labeler,Packaging machinery

Filling bottling line,Capper,Sealer,Labeler,Packaging machinery

Machine working principle

The pushing and pulling of the air cylinder,it drives the cylinder piston do the reciprocating motion, which makes the material cylinder to generate the negative pressure.

When the cylinder is pushed forward, it pulls the piston to the back, and  inside the material cylinder, the negative pressure absorbs the material into the inlet pipe from the material hopper.

When the cylinder pulling back, it pushing the piston forward, the material will be absorbed to the filling mouth from the pipe, then, it fills to the empty bottles.(the filling head open and close automatically when the material is absorbed in and out)

This piston type filling machine is a single, simple mechanical action for the each filling , so it has a high filling accuracy and stability for standard container.

Filling bottling line,Capper,Sealer,Labeler,Packaging machinery

Why Choose Fluid Power Systems over Electrical or Mechanical Systems?

Fluid power produces linear motion using pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders as opposed to electrical and mechanical methods. You don’t need electrical power for fluid power systems, eliminating the risk of shocks, fire, sparks or even explosions. They do not use electricity to operate, meaning a large and expensive explosion proof case is not needed.

Pneumatic systems will simply stall when broken instead of possibly exploding like electrical motors. Medical facilities also use pneumatics in place of hydraulics for the same reason as food manufacturers. They are much safer and cause almost no contamination if they break.

Pneumatics are also favored for their resistance to heat; electric motors are prone to overheating but with gas, pneumatic systems do not produce nearly as much heat due to the compressed air constantly carrying heat away.

Understanding the Difference Between Pneumatic and Hydraulic Systems

Hydraulic systems are typically preferred in heavy equipment and machines requiring major power transmission.

The important principles of pneumatics are essentially the same as hydraulic system, but there are several distinctions to keep in mind.

Pneumatics utilizes gas instead of liquid to transfer power

Because gas can be compressed, there is a delay in movement in pneumatic systems

Pneumatics generates higher energy costs due to energy lost from heat production during compression

Hydraulics handles greater force than pneumatics

Air is pumped into a receiver and compressed, ready to be used by the pneumatic system as needed. The air taken from the area around the compressor is filled with contaminants such as dirt, dust and water vapor. To combat this, strong filters are installed keep the air clean and dry.

Filling bottling line,Capper,Sealer,Labeler,Packaging machinery

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