Perfume liquid vacuum filling machine with four nozzles manual cosmetic fragrance diffuser liquid negative pressure vacuum filler equipment manual push type

Perfume liquid vacuum filling machine with four nozzles manual cosmetic fragrance diffuser liquid negative pressure vacuum filler equipment manual push typeModel:GR-NF04BAir pressure:0.5-0 .8 MLevel a

  • Product Name: Perfume liquid vacuum filling machine with four nozzles
  • Model: GR-NF04B
  • Machine Type: Filling Machinery
  • Packaging Type: Bottles glass container
  • Dimension: 650 *470 *1330mm

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Perfume liquid vacuum filling machine with four nozzles manual cosmetic fragrance diffuser liquid negative pressure vacuum filler equipment manual push type


Air pressure:0.5-0 .8 M

Level accuracy:± 1mm

Viscosity range:maximum applicable Viscosity 20Cps (static viscosity)

Production capacity:10-50 bottles / min

Bottle height:≤ 250mm

Bottle diameter:≤ φ 5mm- φ 35mm

Adjustable level high (from the bottle):15-50mm

Dimensions:660 × 470 × 1330mm


Pumping rate:5.5 liters / sec

Semi automatic four-head vacuum filling machine Model:GR-NF04B mainly uses the vacuum negative pressure filling principle to draw liquid material into the bottle with continuous vacuum suction. The suction is generated by the vacuum generator, no foam is generated, the filling amount is the same, and the excess material can be sucked back to the barrel. The filling volume is determined by the depth of the filling head deep into the bottle. The double filling head can suck back excess liquid to ensure that the liquid level of each bottle is the same.

Perfume filling machine is built on the basis of reference to similar products abroad, and has been newly designed and added some additional functions. It makes the product more simple and convenient in operation, accuracy error, loading adjustment, equipment cleaning and maintenance. The pneumatic filling machine designed on this basis uses pneumatic components to replace the electrical control circuit, so it is especially suitable for the environment with explosion-proof requirements.






1 Adopt Taiwan Airtac pneumatic components, full pneumatic drive does not need electrical, simple operation, high filling precision;

2 Using 304 stainless steel construction of material contact parts, optional 304 or 316stainless steel;

3 Stainless steel valve system design;

4 Can be operated by foot pedal or by automatic timer;

5 Filling volume, filling speed and nozzle height can be adjustable, bottom close positive shutoff nozzles ensure drip free operations;

6 Extremely easy to chean and maintain;

7 Quick release nozzle and feed pipe;

8 Two type of machine for your choice:Filling capita two head, four head;


Vacuum pump

High quality vacuum pump
Stainless steel case
Assembly tidiness
Beautiful appearance


Filling mouth

High quality filling nozzle

Vacuum filling 

High precision



Working principle

The four perfumes vacuum filling machine works by opening the hand valve and connecting with the gas source, placing the filling bottle under the filling head, making use of the elasticity of the bottle shelf, making the bottle upright and sealing the filling head. When the cam opens the mechanical valve and closes the vacuum bottle valve and opens the suction valve, the vacuum generator generates vacuum (negative pressure), forming a vacuum environment system (vacuum). Bottle - filling head - filling bottle - filling head silica gel tube), vacuum suction makes material into the bottle. When the inner material of the bottle rises to the height of the outer sleeve of the filling head, because the vacuum suction passes through the outer sleeve, the inner material of the bottle is sucked into the vacuum bottle so that the inner material of the bottle remains at a certain height until the filling bottle is removed. The mechanical valve closes, the vacuum generator stops producing vacuum, the suction tube closes, the vacuum bottle valve opens, and the material in the vacuum bottle is flowed into the barrel due to gravity action to complete a filling cycle.




Scope of use:
The four perfume vacuum filling machine is suitable for toilet water, perfume, skin care water, toner, jelly water, fruit juice beverage, carbonated beverage, alcoholic beverage, mineral water, purified water, hair care products, skin care products, cosmetics, cleaning, washing products, oral liquid and potion.

negative pressure Perfume vacuum filling machine/four nozzle vacuum filling machine/cosmetic liquid filling machine for Perfume


Machine picture in our factory:



Final testing sample filled by four vacuum heads filling machine:


Two heads vacuum filling machine for your choice:


Wooden case packaging and shipment:

Case size:800(L) * 600 (W) * 1550 (D)mm


Packaging Details:The normal package is wooden box(Size: L*W*H). If export to european countries,the wooden box will be fumigated.If container is too tigher,we will use pe film for packing or pack it according to customers special request.



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