Round square oval plastic bottle flat rolling labeling machine semi automatic single double sticker label applicator with step driven motor

Round square oval plastic bottle flat rolling labeling machine semi automatic single double sticker label applicator with step driven motorModel:GR-RL100Labeling Accuracy:±0.5mmCapacity(pcs/min):15 ~

  • Product Name: Round square oval plastic bottle flat rolling labeling machine semi automatic
  • Model: GR-RL100
  • Machine Type: Labeling Machinery
  • Packaging Type: Bottles round oval container
  • Dimension: 830*720*950mm

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Round square oval plastic bottle flat rolling labeling machine semi automatic single double sticker label applicator with step driven motor


Labeling Accuracy:±0.5mm

Capacity(pcs/min):15 ~ 30

Suit bottle size(mm):L:20~200 W:20~150 H:0.2~120;Can be customized

Suit label size(mm):L: 15-200; W(H): 15-130

Machine Size(L*W*H):≈830*720*950   (mm)

Pack Size(L*W*H)  :≈1180*750*1100   (mm)

Voltage:220V/50(60)HZ;Can be customized


N.W (KG):≈45.0


Label Roll:ID: Ø76mm;OD:≤240mm

Air Supply:0.4~0.6Mpa

Semi-automatic flat labeling machine is suitable for all flat products. of  labeling needs, Applicable for Cosmetics flat bottle, packaging box, plastic cover labeling, etc. Application method of labeling

Semi-automatic plane labeling machine can Change the covering position, Applicable for unevenly surface labeling, like concave plane, circular arc surface labeling, etc.

Semi-automatic plane labeling machine can change of Jig, suitable for all kinds of irregular shape surfaces products labeling.



Machine structure:



Machine detail parts:






Applicable Label: adhesive label, adhesive film, electronic supervision code, bar code, etc.

Applicable Products: The products required to be labeled on the plane, cambered surface , circumferential surface, concave surface, convex surface or other surfaces.

Industry: Widely used in cosmetics, food, toys, daily chemical, electronics, pharmaceutical and other industries;

Application: The labeling of shampoo flat bottles , packing box’s labeling, bottle caps, plastic shell, etc.


Working Process

Core working principle :When the sensor detects the product or receives the signal sent from the pedal, the sucker which is sucking the label falls to label and covers the product, and then goes back to the original location to suck the next label and wait for the next label signal. The whole movements of the labeling have been finished.

Procedure: Put the product -> Judge if product arrives (controlled by the detecting equipment or manually)-> Label and cover it(the device can achieve it automatically)->Remove the labeled products.

The following is the process of making label for a semi-automatic plane positioning machine. (It can be sent directly to the label manufacturer for label production):



1.Distance between each two labels is 2-4mm

2.Use glassine paper

3.Inner diameter of label roll: 76mm, outer diameter: less than 260mm

Producing Requirements:

1. The distance between each two labels is 2-4mm; 2. The labels’ backing paper is made from glassine material, because this paper has good toughness in order to prevent being pulled apart 3. The inner diameter of label roll is 76mm, the outer diameter is less than 260mm, arranged in a single row.

The process of making label above should be combined with your products. The specific requirements please refer to the result of communication with our engineers!


Functional Features

Powerful features, can be used for many kinds of workpiece labeling, such as plane, arc surface, concave plane and irregular workpiece.

Accurate when labeling, high stability, using PLC+ stepper motor drive to send label exactly; The feed tray that matched with brake function to make sure the tightness of the label belt, to ensure the accurate of label detection ; The label goes around the correction mechanism to prevent the label moving from left to right.

Strong and durable. Electric circuit and gas circuit are arranged separately. The gas circuit is matched with clean-up device to avoid the water in the air to damage the electrical equipment, lengthening its life; The whole machine is mainly made of stainless steel and high quality aluminium alloy.;

Convenient adjustment, it has a device which can adjust the height to fit different heights’ need and need not to change the tools frequently.

Beautiful shape. The bottom of the labeling machine is a electric box, equipped with stainless steel and high quality aluminium alloy, making it elegant and high-class;

Equipped with two ways to label: manual and automatic, worker can achieve labeling- control through sensor or pedal; Setting manual or automatic control button , and the length of the label can be controlled optionally.

Optional features and components: Thermal coding or ink jet, deliver products automatically, gather the products automatically(considered with products);special electric eye for labeling


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