Semi automatic turntable type two color silk screen printing machine

Semi automatic turntable type two color silk screen printing machine

  • Product Name: Semi automatic turntable type two color silk screen printing machine
  • Brand: gerong
  • Model: GR-2CP
  • Machine Type: Printing machine
  • Packaging Type: Flat side product
  • Place of Origin: China
  • Dimension: Customized
  • Transportation: DHL,Fedex,UPS,TNT,Air Shipment,Ocean Shipment,LCL,FCL,etc.
  • Payment Method:: Telegraphic Transfer (TT,T/T)
  • Port of Loading: Guangzhou/Shenzhen/Hongkong
  • Shipping package: Export Carton/Wooden Case
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Semi automatic turntable type two color silk screen printing machine


Specification For Two Colors Rotary Flatbed Screen Printing Machine

Max.printing area:150*200mm

Printing Color:Two Colors


Control System:PLC+Touch Screen 

Printing speed:15000pcs/hour

Filling bottling line,Capper,Sealer,Labeler,Packaging machinery

1. The equipment adopts a multi-station indexing mechanism to operate, integrating feeding/dust removal/automatic positioning/printing/LED curing/unloading, synchronization and fast running speed, accurate positioning, which not only improves work efficiency, but also saves space;

2. Ten-station precision cam divider builds a disc conveying system to ensure the stability of printing

3. The equipment is equipped with surface dust removal device, which effectively reduces defects and improves printing quality;

4. The equipment is equipped with a servo automatic feeding manipulator to improve the efficiency of the equipment and the safety of operation;

5. The equipment tooling is equipped with automatic suction function, which is beneficial to improve the printing quality;

6. The equipment adopts the Korean chip LED curing system, which not only ensures the operating efficiency of the equipment, but also is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly;

7. The equipment adopts intelligent PLC control, and the touch screen displays the visual operating system, which is convenient for operation and debugging;

8. The intelligent control system of the equipment effectively monitors the operation of the equipment. When the equipment operates abnormally, it will automatically alarm and prompt the problem on the screen to realize human-computer interaction;

9. The frame of the equipment adopts square tube and cold plate welded and painted, the structure is firm and beautiful;

10. The whole machine is highly intelligent and efficient, which not only effectively saves labor costs but also helps to enhance the corporate image.

Filling bottling line,Capper,Sealer,Labeler,Packaging machinery

Filling bottling line,Capper,Sealer,Labeler,Packaging machinery

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