Automatic aerosol can bottle filling capping machine bag on valve cosmetic aerosol spray can gas filling capping packaging line

Automatic aerosol can bottle filling capping machine bag on valve cosmetic aerosol spray can gas filling capping packaging line Model:GR-AFFilling Capacity:30—750 mlFilling Accuracy:≤±1%Sealing A

  • Product Name: Automatic aerosol can bottle filling capping machine
  • Model: GR-AF
  • Machine Type: Filling sealing Machinery
  • Packaging Type: Aerosol can bottles
  • Dimension: Full conainer shipping

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Automatic aerosol can bottle filling capping machine bag on valve cosmetic aerosol spray can gas filling capping packaging line 


Filling Capacity:30—750 ml

Filling Accuracy:≤±1%

Sealing Accuracy:≤3%

Production Speed:2400—3600 cans/h(It is according to finished product filling volume)

Air Pressure:0.8—1 Mpa

Max.Air Consumption:3—5m³/min

Applicable Can Dia:φ 35—φ 71 mm

Applicable Can Ht:70—330 mm

Power:6.32 kw

Completed production line working process:


Machine list:

1.Aerosol Can Arranging Machine

2.Liquid Filling,Valve Supplying& sealing Machine

3.Sealing&Gas Filling Machine

4.Automatic Weighting Machine

5.Automatic Water-bath Leak Tester

6.Automatic Ink-jet Belt

7.Automatic Spray Nozzle Presser

8.Automatic Cap Presser

Automatic sprays arranging filling capping production line consist of automatic Bottle unscrambler, Sprays filling & capping machine, can automatic complete bottle sorting,, filling, capping, mainly used in spray, also it can be consisted the perfect production line with the labeling machine.


1.Can orientation sorting machine:

It consists of nine flat-roofed conveyor bdts, the central one is directly connected with production line conveyor belt, and moves with the other eight conveyor belts completing jamming cans, cramming cans and carrying cans with the principle of differential motion. Meanwhile, arranging cans speed will keep up with filling speed, which avoiding squash, scratches, scuf&, and paint loss of cans.

Loading quantity:200-400 cans

Available can size:Any size

Voltage:AC 380 50HZ

Power:0.55k\v anti-proof motor

Dimension L*W*G:1500*1150*860 mm



2.Automatic liquid filling machine

Filling part has 24 filling liquid fillers. Each station is equipped with an entry control damper. It will not fill materials without empty cans. Liquid filler can fill water, solvents and medium viscosity material by self-suction.


3.Valve cap placing inserting sealing machine:

Aerosol valve insertion machine consists of a valve arranging turntable: a valve blowing part and a valve feeder, saves labor and improves production efficiency. It can insert the aerosol valve with or without tubes.

Valves size:25.4mm (1 inch)

Applicable aerosol can diameter:35-65mm

Applicable aerosol can height:70-330mm

Air source:0.6-lMPa

Max air consumption:0.3m3/inin




4.3 in 1 aerosol valve correcting device, crimping head and two gas fillers.

Valve conecting device is used to correct valves, make it straight, set it right and press it into can opening. After this, there is crimping machine, it is used to seal the valve with internal expanding mode.

For three gas fillers, the gas will also be filled 3 times equally into an aerosol can. Behind the gas fillers, there are three gas metering cylinders, which is for containing propellant gases, such as LPG, butane, propane, or DME.

Adjustment wheel for liquid filling or gas filling volume:

Turning the two handles in anticlockwise direction will increase the volume, and in clockwise direction will decrease the volume.


5.Automatic weight checking machine adopts stable and highly sensitive weighing sensor and signal acquisition instrument, canies out high-speed operation processing by applying a PLC, and is equipped with a visual and humanized man-machine interface and a well-designed transmission conveying mechanism, has the advantages of simple operation, good stability, high response speed, high accuracy.


Detection maximum speed:80 times/'min

Nozzle shape:Regular nozzle(can be customized)

Maximum detection weight:1.5kg

Machine division value:0.1g

Max air consumption:0.5m3/min


6.Automatic water bath system is used to test aerosols9 leakage, putting aerosol products into water tanks automatically and control the temperature in tanks at 55 X2 (by electrical heating or steam heating) checking the inner pressure and leakages of valve or cans.

Water heating power:36kw

Motor power:1.1Kw

Production capacity:3000-5000cans/hr

Water temperature accuracy:±1℃

Water tank capacity:1 M3

Air source:0.3-0.6Mpa



7.Automatic plastis cap pressing machine with actuator sorting vibrating bowls:

It consists of a vibration hopper and an indexing table, it can automatically arrange and convey actuators, and automatically press actuators onto aerosol cans.


8.Packing table:

Full-automatic aerosol filling line is coming with stainless conveyor belts with overall length 23m: including 2.5m packing machine bench with 1.1kw/380V anli-exposion motors.


Fully automatic aerosol filling packing line main machines:



Liquid filling machine

There is dust blowing unit to clean aerosol can one by one,  every head can be controlled separately and has the feature of no can no filling with high effciency. All heads are under pneumatic control with pneumatic parts branded SMC.


Valve inserting machine

It is made of inclined plate arranging machine,  distributing valve box and valve stabilizer. Inclined plate arranging machine will convey the valve with suction tube into slide and make the valve enter into distributing valve orderly. Then, the valve will be conveyed into the valve inserter tube by the compressed air. The valve inserter which is connected with feeding valve tube and distributing valve box will be equipped on the    liquid filling machine or gas filling machine.


Sealing and gas filling machine

Automatic crimping & gas filling machine are an independent table device. It has one set of valve stabilizer, valve sealing head and  filling heads, also equip with pressure boosters, gas storage tank . All air control operation, which are all SMC brand. Sealing heads has automatic locking device to stabilize sealing size. Will not filling gas if there are no cans there in filling heads.


Automatic actuator pressing machine

Actuators are guided into rails after vibrating sorting, by star wheels rotary, actuators come to the position right under the punching head, and driven by pneumatic cylinder branded SMC, actuator is assembled to aerosol can..


Big cap pressing machine

Automatic cap pressing machine consists of a vibration hopper and an indexing table, it can arrange and convey actuators, and automatically press actuators onto aerosol cans.


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Full container shipment for the whole completed aerosol packaging line:


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